Year-End Recognitions for “Bennet Wardrobe” Stories

Just a quickie here as I am still fighting a God-Awful cold.

I am deep into my review of the #Audible files for the 7th Book in the Bennet Wardrobe series…The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion.

Sophia Rose just named the Audible performance of The Avenger: Thomas Bennet and a Father’s Lament as one of her Top 10 Audio Books of 2019! Look at the list…these are not just #Austenesque performances. They cover a huge range. The Avenger is in some pretty exclusive company.

I am over the moon! And, credit where credit is due…Amanda Berry my performer is superb and a treasure!

Please check out this 6th Book in the Bennet Wardrobe series (Amanda has been the voice of the Wardrobe from The Keeper forward).

And, Rita, the web-mistress at the wonderful site From Pemberley to Milton named the first book in the Series, The Keeper: Mary Bennet’s Extraordinary Journey, one of her best reads of 2019! Truth be told…she also listened to Amanda’s performance.

From Pemberley to Milton’s 2019 Favourite Books

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  1. djacobson says:

    Looking forward to learning all of your fave books (not only mine, although…) from 2019!

  2. Suzan Lauder says:

    Congratulations on your Bennet Wardrobe successes, Don. You deserve to be proud!

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