In Plain Sight Is In The World

As I am in the middle of the blog tour for In Plain Sight, I just wanted to drop a note to all my loyal followers.

Engaging with all of you every day for the past week-plus has given me new insights into the world of #Austenesque Fiction. Thank you for your kind comments about the book, my process, and my thoughts on how our genre of Austen Variations fits into the broader literary world. By now, you know that IPS is not your regular meat-and-potatoes P&P variation. It was designed to break the mold, and I have to salute the hard work put in by Janet B. Taylor on the cover, Nicole Clarkston on the beta edit and Ellen Pickels on the final edit. The book would have been less without your talents.

I have loaded a few reading of excerpts (my favorite scenes from the book) up on my YouTube Channel. Please feel free to visit and comment there, too.

Otherwise, I am looking to begin wor on the final book in the Bennet Wardrobe Series. This will end my labor of love somewhere around the five year point. Look forward to your thoughts and input on that project.

Until then, please enjoy In Plain Sight and write reviews of Goodreads and Amazon.

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